1. javelinhead's Avatar
    I am Brit, I have recently upgraded to a pearl 8120 and my Network is Orange.

    I am rather confused about the whole GPS and I might sound a little like a ******** newbie but I want to use a map like system, a bit like a Tomtom, for when I am driving.

    I have no idea how to do this.

    When I go into the device options and click on GPS, it says "GPS Data Source - None" and "GPS Services - Location ON"


    1) How do I get the map on my phone?
    2) Blackberry Maps doesnt seem to work with the 8120, is there one I should/could get on my phone?
    3) How do I know when my GPS is on? I cant seem to find my current GPS location on my phone?
    4) Does it use a lot of megabytes or kilabytes or whatever they are called to use the GPS map thing when it is working as my talk plan allows me only so many bytes for free per month.

    ummmm, Thanks
    12-14-08 11:34 AM
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    The 8120 doesn't have a built-in GPS. You'll need to buy an external GPS puck that connects to the 8120 by Bluetooth. I use a Freedom Keychain 2000 and it works well, but there are other models available from the CrackBerry Store.

    BlackBerry Maps and Google Maps will work with the Freedom Keychain. Without an external GPS, Google Maps will approximate your position using Cell Towers. You will definitely use a lot of data with any GPS app, because they all download their maps in real time as you travel.
    12-14-08 09:50 PM
  3. javelinhead's Avatar
    ok thanks Geoff.
    I will use it sparingly
    12-15-08 09:13 AM