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    A good article from the Globe and Mail to RIM. It is some good advice, for a change, from the press.

    Investors to RIM: Tell us a story - The Globe and Mail
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    05-26-11 06:49 PM
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    Interesting article. I like that this guy at least recognizes that RIM is doing a lot of the right things (not all, but a lot).

    The big gaping hole in RIM's business strategy is a comprehensive marketing and communications plan, from Joe Consumer to the wireless carriers to strategic partners to investors. They all need to know in simple and complete terms what's the current situation, where do they plan to be in 1, 2, and 5 years from now, and exactly how they plan to get there.

    I like where I think they're going, but that's all based on bits and pieces of hearsay and unofficial leaked information. Of course we need to remember that nobody gives away strategic details; but RIM can and must do a much better job at instilling confidence in its partners, customers and investors, and Balsillie's gibberish and Lazaridis whining that a question is not fair instead of challenging the premise of the question head-on are not the most advisable ways to do that.

    I wouldn't necessarily shuffle executive leadership as many here have suggested, but I would quickly be looking for a new corporate mouthpiece, and hire a couple of smart image consultants to give him/her something meaningful and worthwhile to say.
    05-26-11 07:26 PM