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    Well guys I have a HUGE dilemma. Anyway I dropped my 3 Bold 9000s, Pearl 9100, and 8900 off at s cellphone shop in Clarkson to get fixed. Anyway I am extremly mad and don't know what to do. I dropped all the phones off about a month ago to get the lcd fixed on one of my bolds, the other bold needed software (it was glitchy), and my other Bold wouldn't turn on. The Pearl needed a screen and the Curve needed a keypad. Anyway long story short I dropped my phones off (it was a friday) and they said come back monday. I came back on monday and they said the phones weren't ready yet and they said they weren't back from the warehouse yet and said come wednesday. I came wednesday and they said they still weren't back yet and come friday. I came friday and they said their was a fire at the ware house and I could FOR SURE get them back the next monday. I come back on wednesday and someone else is working there and they say the person hasn't dropped my phones off yet. Anyway I went back a few days later and I was shocked, they said my phones weren't back yet and that the person fixing them didn't finish and/or drop them at the store and has gone on vacation to another country. I was shocked because when the guy helped another customer I scanned the area and saw my bb pearl on the floor in a corner and my curve under some papers on a desk. I questioned the guy saying hey that's my bbs there I thought the guy was fixing them and he said that they were not my phones. The pearl was clearly mine because it had the exact same crack above the trackpad and the bubble in the screen protector in the lefthand corner. Yesterday I went back to make it clear I want my phones back. Even weirder I saw one of my bolds on the counter, it was clearly not fixed cause the screen was still white and I knew it was mine cause it had the headphonr jack missing. So this store has clearly not fixed my phones and is not returning them to me so what can I do? Its taken almost a month for a 3 day job. I want my bbs back NOW and they keep making excuses. What do I do? Please help, thanks Mike

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    11-12-11 10:57 PM
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    Well there 2 minutes of my life I'll never get back... Thanks
    11-12-11 11:08 PM
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    Why would they want to keep your broken cell phones?
    11-12-11 11:17 PM
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    I don't know. But they still have them and I want them back. I just want to get them and get them fixed somewhere else lol

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    11-12-11 11:37 PM
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    Did you, by chance, get a receipt when you dropped off your phones indicating their model and serial#? Most service shops will do this so you can't come back and try to say they have something of yours that you never dropped off.

    If you do, then send the owner of the shop a certified letter indicating that you'd like your property returned on or before a certain date, in dropped off condition or better (fixed) along with a photocopy of the receipt showing they accepted the devices for service. Explain you'd be happy to pay for any acceptable work performed, and keep a copy for your records.

    Small business owners hate problems, especially ones that don't look like they're going away and if nothing else (like they've lost your devices) offer an alternative, like a new phone to replace the others as an acceptable resolution to your problem.

    Might not be the way to go depending on where you live, but that's my .02$. Basically, be polite but firm-- and you will get what you need.
    11-13-11 08:34 AM
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    Thank you very much that's what I'm gonna do today.

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    11-13-11 09:47 AM