1. vdoman's Avatar
    Might be a stupid question but . . . Is there an 'easy' way to 'force' phone to WiFi? In my home i get 1 bar of network service. Seems the phone hangs on to that signal. when it finally decides to grab WiFi i have full bars of wifi. Using menus, can i force phone to switch? (my default is set to automatic)
    10-18-08 07:08 PM
  2. joe003's Avatar
    There should be a network setting which says something like "wifi preferred". Set it to that and it will use wifi over the cell network when in range of a working wifi connection.

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    10-18-08 07:11 PM
  3. vdoman's Avatar
    thank you VERY much!!
    10-18-08 07:24 PM
  4. vdoman's Avatar
    I spoke to fast! I know i've seen that setting but i'll be damned I can find it now. Anyone know??
    10-18-08 07:35 PM
  5. joe003's Avatar
    Check "manage connections" it should be in there.

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    10-18-08 07:44 PM
  6. vdoman's Avatar
    Check "manage connections" it should be in there.

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    I got it thanks. Unfortunately it was set that way so I guess I have to wait till the phone decides to switch. seems like it hangs on to network for dear life before switching to wifi.
    10-18-08 07:46 PM
  7. DarylLafferty's Avatar
    Mine switches quickly and automatically even when the phone signal is strong. As long as there's a saved profile it can detect, it will switch right away.
    10-18-08 10:53 PM
  8. Organics's Avatar
    i use my phone providers internet... safes me the trouble.,
    10-13-09 05:43 PM