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    Alright I'm looking for a GPS "puck" for my blackberry and i found this thing on ebay

    NEW GLOBALSAT G-SAT BT-359 BT359 BLUETOOTH GPS RECEIVER - eBay (item 360172849311 end time Aug-19-09 15:55:19 PDT)

    is that good and will i be happy with that? should i get something different? I want it to be good if im going to buy it but i really dont want to spend anymore than that because i wont use it a lot.

    Thanks for your input!
    08-09-09 01:55 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    From the description, it sounds like that unit would work well. A lot of people also use the Freedom Keychain 2000 with BlackBerry devices. You might check eBay to see if any of those are available, and compare the price.
    08-09-09 10:46 AM
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    I looked at them and they were like 60. Does the keychain unit perform better? I don't know how much I would actually want it on my keychain.

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    08-09-09 01:37 PM
  4. jeffh's Avatar
    I have the keychain unit. It works well, but I'd be surprised if it was better. Its chief benefit is that it is very small. Its chief problem is that to use it with Google Maps requires you to run BBMaps as well.

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    08-09-09 02:01 PM
  5. Lynda33's Avatar
    so it has some issues that make it so i cant just open up any program and use the gps? if i get this unit instead of the keychain one can i use whatever programs i want without having BBmaps open?
    08-09-09 09:20 PM
  6. jeffh's Avatar
    Since I haven't used the GlobalSat unit, I can't say. Perhaps someone who has will respond. Or you could do a forum search for globalsat and see what you turn up. You might find the answer to your question.
    08-09-09 09:48 PM
  7. Lynda33's Avatar
    ill probably search some reviews then since your the only one replying.

    can you use other gps programs like lifeinpocket and nav4all without having bbmaps open?
    08-09-09 10:17 PM
  8. jeffh's Avatar
    I have not used lifeinpocket. I have used nav4all and it worked with the puck without needing bbmaps open. The issue is that the puck requires a start GPS signal. Google Maps doesn't have a start GPS command. Bbmaps does, as does nav4all as I recall. I don't have it installed presently. The puck also has a battery-saver mode that shuts it down if it doesn't see an acknowledgement from the BlackBerry. It appears that Google Maps does not provide that either. The only problem I ever had was with Google Maps. Garmin Mobile, Nav4All, and BBMaps worked with the Freedom puck with no problems.

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    08-10-09 12:47 PM
  9. Lynda33's Avatar
    That's great! Thanks so much for all your help!

    If you know someone trying to get rid of a keychain unit like yours drop me a PM and I'd be happy to buy it!


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    08-10-09 01:28 PM
  10. Lynda33's Avatar
    alright im looking at the freedom 2000 keychain unit and im wondering if thats the one you have and if it is accurate and reliable?
    08-12-09 10:33 PM