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    I've been reading this awsome forum for a few years (and implemented some tips), recently I signed up and got some great advice as well.
    I've learned to work with Destktop Manager & CrackUtil, and have just reinstalled my OS and learned how to clean it up.

    First of all, some of you will surely say that I'm using a powerful device as a boat anchor - this is true, and that's how I like it. I wanted a phone that would work both in the U.S. and in Europe and I wanted a full keyboard (no touch-screens please!), so BB 8830 World Edition is what I've had for may years, and I love it.
    I only use a few options: call, sms, calendar, calculator, tasks app, and keep an extensive space-eating phone book with lots of commentary, addresses and so on.
    I kept 2 themes on the phone: one 3rd party zen theme, and one BB native zen theme; I have already chunked all other themes, along with VAD, all Help files that I could find, TTY, games...; I don't use any of the preloaded backgrounds either (that .cod is already gone).
    At one point many years ago I've had internet & mms, but I didn't care for them, so I don't use that either and would like to get rid of them if possible.

    Now the phone is back to working rather fast, and I'm happy. I have installed the same version that I had: Ver. Platform (Verizon bundle; deleted Vendor.xml and so on.)

    I'd like to get rid of as much stuff as possible.

    Therefore, I have two questions regarding each file below:

    1) What does this file do? (What is this file?)
    2) Can I chunk it - or some other apps/utilities use it and would it cause trouble?

    As I get info on each file (hopefully you guys will help!) or find it myself, I will remove the file from the list in this post, or make new (shorter) lists in further posts. I did find info on some files (not listed here), and info on some files (listed here) - since I'm not very technically savvy, I didn't understand what the explanation was, since the description had just as many abbreviations as the name of the file itself. So all explanations - for dummies, if you please.

    The files are as follows:

    net_rim_bb_docview.cod - I don't view any docs on my phone. Can I chunk this?

    net_rim_bb_media_tunebundles_qualcomm.cod - I assume these are the phone ringers etc.?
    net_rim_bb_messagesearch_lib.cod - There's an icon that says "Search" on my phone, that I haven't ever opened. Is that it? I'd LOVE to chunk it, too
    net_rim_crypto_1.cod, crypto2 etc.

    I tried to delete the Bluetooth cod, but then my media viewer wouldn't work... Bummer. I don't use it much, but I do once in a blue moon.
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    Some things you can't take out even if you don't use them. There are quite a few folks on this forum, including myself, that have done a lot of research on this.

    To shrink your OS safely, download and install one of the shrinking tools available from members of this site. Mine, BB Boss, is available in my signature. It's a windows program that will allow you to safely remove many OS files from your device.

    There are other tools, equally capable also available. You just need to search for them.

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    I am reluctant to do things blindly, so I immediately discarded the tools that "just do it" for me.
    My OS is already plenty clean (I have taken out a ton of stuff; I have over 26 MB of space, and that sounds like a very good number from what I've read. Now, I'm probably just nitpicking because I can and because I like it, and trying to learn smth new.
    I'll take a look at the BB Boss, I'm looking at screenshots.
    But I would rather learn about what files do (even if by trial&error). It takes 5 seconds to put a file back, and 30 minutes to reload the OS, if I screw up royally.

    I do appreciate the reply, but you didn't really answer a single question of mine...
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    Many of the files that you have listed are system files that are relied upon by various system processes.

    By not even looking or researching the tools that are available for doing this, you are basically reinventing the wheel.

    Believe me, many hours went into finding out which files are removable and which aren't by MANY members of this community, including myself. I highly suggest that you look into one of them. I know BB Boss will get you a ton of space.

    I'm going to PM you some info later when I get home.

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    Oh, OK - great! Thank you! I will surely appreciate that.

    I guess, I like nitpicking, because after I do that I am fairly comfortable with my devices and know what I can and what I cannot do. On occasion my brain works in an exotic way. If there're two commonly accepted ways to do something, in 8 cases out of 10 I find a third one. Not necessarily better or worse, but it's "mine", I understand it and it works best for me.

    If I had basic understanding of every type of files in the Java directory - not necessarily for the sake of deleting them, it might be easier for me to figure out my next task: I want to load Russian & Italian language fonts that I need for the only purpose of reading SMSs. I have no need to type in either one of those two languages, translit will do just fine in response. The keyboard is English only, and I have no desire to memorize which letter in other 2 languages correspond what. On the computer I have no trouble typing in Russian having English-only keyboard, as I don't even have to look at it, but using two thumbs??? Nope.
    I also dislike menus in other languages than English, so I really need to pick exclusively what I want for my task. I'm sure eventually I'll find other things to customize, and again basic understanding will help. Trust me, I know I'm reinventing the wheel - I like doing it, makes my brain work some more.

    The long and the short of it - "ready-made" bundles never work for me. Proven over last 40 years. I always want something that nobody has/sells/makes - so I find a way make it happen. My only impediment is the lack of engineering/technical background, so I have trouble with abbreviations and descriptions of "what things do" has to be for dummies.
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    Wow,some really fantastic thoughts here by the OP. I agree with what he is saying. Sorta like going to the beat of your own drummer. The masses are like sheep and are willing to follow the other sheep of the mountain cliff while a few other go out on their own to actually find their true happiness. Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a perfect example. OP, you will get some help on this site but what you seek you will ultimately find on your own.
    Good luck.
    05-11-13 02:49 AM
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    The first 4 cods are all required for your browser. The email cod is for email... global search is the magnifying glass where u can search through the whole phone and internet for something. Voice i think is the voice notes icon in media. You can easily find out what some cods are by google searching but not all find results. Always even if u take out many cods those only a certain speed a phone can be so after a certain amount of removal its pointless i believe (OS maker EG Mecca correct me if i am wrong)
    05-11-13 04:04 AM
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    barbarianthemadserb, thank you for your kind words. On top of everything, I am a "she". Yes, definitely like that seagull... Love that book. I shock people almost daily. Especially here in Sicily where "machismo" is still in full bloom. They have hard times accepting that a girl can can bargain worse than dudes at an oriental market, work wood (and have tools almost better than the local wood working pro), fix simple things on cars, re-wire something basic and is fearless of new things in general.

    What I need is a little push at the beginning, the basics explained in simple way; then I'm good finding things out on my own.
    I did extensive googling by the file name, and listed only those files that I found no info on.

    For example - what the heck does crypto library do???
    Simply speaking, what are the files that contain "resourse" in them???

    "The first 4 cods are all required for your browser" - browswer like in "internet browser" or like in "file manager"? Are they used by anything other than the "browser"?

    "OS maker EG Mecca " - I have no clue whatsoever what this means.
    I've thought about it and if you're asking who released the OS installer - Verizon. Ver. Platform

    As I already said earlier - I'm nitpicking and learning new tricks, that's all. Space problem was resolved after the re-install.
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    ***Somewhat Off-topic***
    Retry No.1
    Tools: person's brain, MTS-Russia Installer file & CrackUtil. While trying to rusify the input, managed to rusify the menus. No Russian input. The exact opposite of the desired result.
    Laughed at the test phrase in fonts menu, switched it back to English. Obviously some files were a-missin' for full functionality.
    Useful Output = Zero.

    Retry No.2 (a few hour later; more research)
    Tools: other people's brain, already written contents of an .alx file, Notepad, multilanguage OS Installer for BB 8820 8820-v4.2.2.169_P2.4.0.67 (AT&T), my original OS Installer for BB 8830WE 8830-v4.2.2.148_P3.0.0.67 (Verizon) and Desktop Manager's App Loader.
    Useful Output = 100%
    Menus can be set to Russian plus two types of input: Russian (united states) that kinda associates Russian letters to similar English letters, and Russian (Russian Federation) - regular analogue of Qwerty keyboard layout.

    Next task: remove Russian menu options (if possible, just for the heck of it) and spell-check which is annoying, leave only options for Russian input; and general clean-up of useless features like VAD, etc.

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    browser as in the internet browser. You need the crypto libary but i cant remember what it actually does. OS maker as in an operating system marker. There is someone on these forums with an account called Mecca who builds hybrid operating system and i wasnt entirely sure which is why i put correct me if im wrong towards him or another operating system maker. Have u tried using BBH tools aswell to remove unwanted things such as languages as i discovered language cods which i didnt need eg... "xxx.en" <-- which is english (i cant remember the other endings for languages but theyll be grouped up)
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    Nearly all the cods you listed are vital to the operation of the OS.
    You would be wiser to download BB BOSS or BB Hybrid Tools and make you decisions based on those programs.
    It is admirable that you want to tinker with your OS but just remember, wholesale removal of vital cods renders your phone a boat anchor for real. And then you will be loading the entire OS back just to retrieve your data etc.

    There are plenty of ways to shrink things out of your OS. It will save you even more space.

    Listen to what other people have suggested and do not go blindly into deleting cods.
    This is spoken from someone who knows from experience...which is the MOTHER of all teachers.
    05-12-13 10:21 AM
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    Well, as far as languages go, I've got rid of the a while back. They were so easy to spot, that I removed them from the Java directory of the installer at the dawn of my tinkering. Left only English-US, or English if there was no "US". I don't have anything other than Russian & English.

    OK... Browswer. I don't even have the icon of the browswer any more. I can't remember, but I think I've deleted using the phone's menu. It's still in the "switch application" strip though Can I chunk the broswer completely? Or the files are used by some other utilities? There were referrals to that in the stuff I found, but nobody was sure.

    I've downloaded BB Boss, but never got around to installing it - since I'm getting along just fine between Desk Manager & Crack Utils. I've already cleaned out all preloaded tune bundles & images. Just yesterday found mp3's & mid's from BB tunebundle "unbundled", so I picked what I normaly use (very few), placed them on the media card, and got rid of the rest. My tunes menu gotten much cleaner and now I know exactly what's in there. I like it.

    I THINK, I SAID IT MANY TIMES: It is NOT about shringking. It's about liking to tinker with things and customize them.

    If people wouldn't tinker, nobody would be able to make all those ready-made recepies & tools that everybody's using. I saw a lot of questions about how to do things when it comes to other languages, and damn few good answers. Now I should probably go to as many places, as I can and post the info that I put together. Once you understand it, there's nothing to it, really. A newby can do it - given enough explanation.
    05-13-13 11:05 AM
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    Im not sure about completely removing the browser but i dont see why you wouldn't want the browser :s! Like i said before the RAM wont change so theres a limit on the phone speed so removing everything wont make it as fast as the newest phones with higher RAM. If its just for customisation then fair enough. Try get into contact on crackberry with people who make hybrid software. They can help with Cods
    05-14-13 11:09 AM
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    ***Somewhat Off-topic***
    Next task: remove Russian menu options (if possible, just for the heck of it) and spell-check which is annoying, leave only options for Russian input; and general clean-up of useless features like VAD, etc.

    Normally all files which end up to "_resource__ru.cod" - are for russian menu.
    The like imly for other langs.

    These four files needed for russian input:

    But as well needed files from net.rim.blackberry.fastPredictiveIM package:
    May be something here can be trimmed.
    If you want I could provide ALX and/or files I am using (but those from OS 4.5)

    Regarding other files you mention I have some thoughts - but was not tried to remove it myself (my purpose is a bit reverse - to have internet and apps on BB8830).
    So here are thoughts:
    net_rim_bb_browser_plugin_docview.cod - plugin to transfer to docview. For call only - guess can be trimmed.
    net_rim_bb_browser_rendering_lib.cod - lib for shown-up HTML in browser. May be used somewhere else, like in mail. For call only - guess can be trimmed.
    net_rim_bb_docview.cod - think this is docview app.For call only - guess can be trimmed.
    net_rim_bb_email.cod - email client. For call only - guess can be trimmed.
    net_rim_bb_enterpriseconfig.cod - configurator in case you have BES. If no BES - guess can be trimmed.
    net_rim_bb_globalsearch_app.cod - selfdescriptive. For call only - guess can be trimmed.

    net_rim_bb_messagesearch_lib.cod - think this is lib used by globalsearch for looking through messages. For call only - guess can be trimmed.
    net_rim_bb_mms.cod - MMS receving/sending. For call only - guess can be trimmed.
    net_rim_bb_prl_upgrade.cod - PRL is part of radio configuration for CDMA. If you use GSM only - could be trimmed.
    net_rim_bb_sbinjector_lib.cod - could guess that is dealing with Service Book. If you use for call only - guess can be trimmed
    net_rim_bis_client.cod - BIS client. For no BIS - guess can be trimmed.
    net_rim_crypto_1.cod, crypto2 etc. - this can be used for internal crypting of data on phone. Without it it may not function even for calls.
    net_rim_crypto_keystore_browser.cod - guess this used for storing crypto keys.

    Beside, would be interesting to listen for your progress.
    12-11-13 03:13 AM

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