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    I have no idea how to get two 20KB Excel 2007 spread sheets saved and to be found on my "desktop" and to be reused/modified/resent on my BlackBerry Storm....verizon version.

    Help please.

    03-17-09 03:04 PM
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    save it to your desktop. then use the usb cable and drag and drop it on ur phone.

    to enable mass storage mode (MSM)

    options - media card - media card support - ON MSM Support - ON auto enable - either YES or PROMPT (this will let you choose whether you want to access the card or not)

    then plug the phone into the computer via the USB cable.

    if you have chosen prompt, click YES

    then go to my computer and find the card. open the card, then the blackberry folder, then either create a folder or use one already made.

    copy the files into the folder then disconnect the phone. go to docs 2 go and go to excel, open the open dialogue and navigate to the folder you have it saved at. then open.

    now, you do have a memory card in the phone correct?

    if not you will have to use media manager, but i recommend getting a SD card.
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    03-17-09 03:20 PM