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    Hello Everyone,

    I am traveling now and having a serious strange problem in my 9780. My Blackberry ID is not working from Phone (works fine from PC). Cannot login to BB App World, BB News does not work, etc. When I try to login, BB App World gives an error: "An error has occured. Please try again later".

    I am traveling within US from Chicago to Miami. Everything was working at home.

    I have AT&T BES (and BIS) plan. My BES and BIS both messages are coming fine. Every other app seems to work (web, BB Travel, Bloomberg etc).

    I called AT&T. They will not help because 9780 is not carried by AT&T. The CSR did gave me RIM's tech support number: 877-255-2377, but RIM will not take call directly from me. I need some kind of ID to speak with RIM.

    I think it is a connectivity settings issue. Somewhere BB services are set for "no roming". This kills BB News, BB App World in my phone. Web Browser and BB Map work.

    Any help will be GREATLY APPRECITED. Thanks everyone.

    06-28-11 01:02 PM