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    I am not an IT expert, and terms like POP3 and IMAP are strange to me. I AM however a heavy user of the BB 8830 (Verison) which I own for my own small business.

    Sometime ago I set up a domain name and my own email service at "REGISTER.COM". All has been working fine except for the fact that the synchornization of my email between my desktop at the office and the BB has not been full.

    I can read my MS-Outlook emails on both (desktop & BB) buty when I send an email from either, the other one doesn't show the sent email. In addition there is no wireless sync for the Outlook Calendar nor for the Address Book of Outlook.

    Called "Register.com" and was advised to change the setting of my email on the BB to IMAP. That - they said should solve the problem.... Well - could someone please help me step-by-step, in an attempt to change the email account to IMAP on my 8830 BB ?

    Also - once I do that, should I have a full email and in and out, claendar and address-book wireless synchroinization between my desktop and my BB...? (the help desk at "register.com" said that they have both POP3 and IMAP and that the change I will make will get me to the promised land....???)

    Thank you guys for helping an old man with a Blackberry 8830 ....
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