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    I have a blackberry 9780 bold, and 1 day while sitting on the desk, it decided is time to do a bungee jump, so it jumped off the desk and landed head first. This resulted in a broken screen, physically is fine, but the Liquid crystal inside broke, so the screen will be white and blank all the time, but still turns on, still rings if you call it etc. So i am 99.99% sure the internal data is safe (yes the alarm also rings forcing me to take the battery out to prevent it)

    Anyway, long story short, i don't have a second blackberry, i have blackberry protect, the desktop software connecting the blackberry (might have a backup, lets assume not)
    What's the best way to retrieve my contacts from this blackberry? Someone say BerryGrab, someone say MagicBerry? What file should i be looking for?

    Thanks a lot guys.

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    01-10-13 12:30 PM
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    If you have BlackBerry Protect, you can log in from a new BlackBerry, and restore your data from your last backup. Same goes from a desktop backup. This data includes your contact list. I did this for my Style after it had been wiped in a factory reset, using BBP. Worked like a charm. I was glad to hear you were using BBP. If your phone still connects to the Desktop Manager, you can still make another backup on your computer, thn restore it after you do a device switch.
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    01-12-13 01:52 AM
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    You can use the DM to export your contacts to a spreadsheet on your Computer. At least you used to be able to do it.
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    01-12-13 07:53 AM
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    I hope I read your post correctly, but let me know if I have it wrong...
    You want to be able to retrieve your contacts in a way that you can still read them, see contact data, and things to that nature correct?
    If you device is working, and it can still connect to DTM, do a back up of your data to keep current, and have a copy for a new device.
    Then just sync to Outlook or something. You will then be able to open Outlook and see all your contact data there.
    IIRC, you don't need any interaction with the device itself to do so, and I believe you can do it all directly from DTM.
    01-12-13 08:15 AM

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