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    Some months ago my hard drive on my laptop bit the dust, and I am just now getting around to syncing my BB with Outlook again. I like the convenience of being able to enter appointments on the BB or Outlook and have them transferred both ways.

    Well, since they have not been synced for several months, I have a lot of appointments on my BB that are not in Outlook. I just set up Outlook again yesterday and set everything from contacts to calendar in Desktop Manager (latest version 5.0) to sync to it. All of my contacts transferred from my BB to Outlook, but non of my past or future appointments did. I'm not worried about past appointments, but future ones would be a pain if I had to enter them all over again. I made sure it was set to sync to the right folder, and creating a new appointment in Outlook automatically transfers to my BB when I connect it, so it's working other than it won't transfer mu future appointments in the BB to Outlook. I have it set to sync both ways. Any suggestions? The BB is a 8830 WE.
    10-23-09 05:39 PM
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    Change your synchronization settings to a one way synch from the device to Outlook. Choose the transfer all items option. Once both calendars are in sync then you can change the settings back to a 2 way sync.
    10-23-09 07:12 PM
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    Thanks for the suggestion, tried that but it still didn't work.

    It appears that all I create from now on either in Outlook or my BB will sync over to the other, but all my old entries in my BB will not sync over to Outlook. I just can't figure out why.
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    10-23-09 08:29 PM
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    I wonder if it is because of which calendar is your default which can be based on your email address? The multiple calendar issue had me confused in trying to "fix" a Today theme display. I am no expert on which calendar shows or syncs by default, I just know there may be more than one of them?????
    10-24-09 10:59 AM
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    I don't think that's it because I made a new appointment on Outlook and it synced over to the BB- the the calendars on each are working together, just not for all my old entries (even those in the future).
    10-24-09 08:17 PM