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    So, I was able to get my blackberry reactivated, and there are things I either never knew about when I had it, or forgot how to do, hopefully you can help!

    1) i downloaded crush sms which I didn't see when I had it originally. It ables me to text like my droid/the iphone which excites me. however, i cannot figure out how to turn off the regular sms texts. i still have the count shown even if/when i hide it from the main menu. any idea how to do this? and will my text tone alert still work?

    2) is there a better fbook app then the one i have which just lets me search friends(and takes forever), send msgs, etc. I wanna be able to check my msgs, etc similar to that on the iphone/droid. i'd rather not have to use the internet each time.

    3) how do i get emails sent to my phone? i have an icon on the main menu with my Yahoo symbol and my email but it says there's no msgs, when I clearly got emails today. I don't remember if I had this set up, but hopefully I can get it going, again without having to go on the internet.
    09-23-10 05:15 PM
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    1, I don't think if you can turn off your regular texts on the phonw,I am using crushsms also and anytime I receive one it shows in both.well atleast upto my knowldege I don't think if you will be able to.

    2,I don't know which FB app are you using,the one that I use and that's for BB is ok. Can see friends status,their pics,their profile.messege them or poke them,search for them & even add them.just check out FB website for PDA's.

    3,You have to setur your email for your BB, you should have the email settings icon,log in to it and you can add as many emails as you want. I have 4 of them setup.

    Hope this info will help.

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    09-23-10 05:25 PM
  3. kndlyunspokenxx's Avatar
    the email helped, and i figured that out

    i read somewhere someone was able to turn off reg texts, but maybe im wrong.
    09-23-10 05:44 PM