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    I have a Curve 8330. Last week the keyboard suddenly stopped working, and there was condensation on the inside of the screen. The curve had been in the car with me & worked 1/2 hour before so not sure what happened. However, took the battery out, dried it on top of digital TV box for 3 days. Now, when I put the battery back in, the bb turns on, does security checks, connects to my service provider, downloads new msgs, tries to connect to my bluetooth ... ie all normal startup stuff. The trackball works, I can move between symbols on my main screen, but nothing works beyond that. IE. I can't phone or answer phones, I can't push on the trackball to view emails, I can't push on the menu button & change notification options, and once the screen turns off according to my setup, the bb is black except for the flashing red notification light.

    Is it DEAD beyond hope? Or is there something I can try?

    Any suggestions that might alleviate a $250 bill would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!
    08-03-10 10:43 AM