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    I am trying to open the nyc subway map on my 8830. I am on Verizon so I am still running version 4.2 and dont have docstogo for free. I am using the repligo trial version and would buy it if i can get this one file to open. i want to have access to a readable/zoomable version of the nyc MTA subway map. the file is 438 KB adn I get a java error when i try to open it. i put hte file on a a microSD card I have for the phone. The file is legal and available for download from the mta site. Any ideas? Thanks all.
    02-24-09 01:29 PM
  2. Janey_G's Avatar
    The MTA has a mobile site.

    Go to mta.info/mobile/index.html I've used the site before.

    Good luck.
    02-24-09 01:49 PM
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    You need to download METRO.
    All your subway needs will be handled.


    02-24-09 01:50 PM
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    Actually...I take that back.
    METRO doesn't have a map. It just tells you how to get from one place to the next via subway...

    02-24-09 01:51 PM
  5. addictedforlife's Avatar
    thanks for the links - unfortunately those sites cant work when I am underground with no reception or map available - any idea on just opening large pdf's?
    02-24-09 05:38 PM
  6. redsoxrocker's Avatar
    no idea, but maybe you could save an image of the map onto your phone? then just zoom in
    02-24-09 08:09 PM
  7. DoctorNeutron's Avatar
    Will a version of PDF To Go from DataViz fit on your type BB ?

    Doctor Neutron
    02-24-09 09:53 PM
  8. rockhop's Avatar
    Send yourself an email with said map as an attachment (you may have to use an account that's not pushed). Once it's saved in your pictures folder in your media card you can zoom and scroll as necessary.

    How legible it will be when you zoom in is another story.
    02-24-09 10:03 PM
  9. rednukleus's Avatar
    Here is a jpg NYC subway map that I use on my Storm. I highly recommend it until we find something better. It does not have the list of lines for each stop (eg. W 4th St. ABCDEFV). It is the same image as this one (MTA NYC Transit - Subway Service Information) except a tiny bit more clear, and it is from 2007 rather than 2008 (Cortlandt St. is not grayed out: that is the only difference I could find). When you open it up on your storm, click the screen to zoom in once, then hit menu and pick "view actual size." I also recommend putting it in its own folder in the media app so you don't accidently swipe to the next picture while you are panning the map. In the Media Pictures app, there's something there about picture folders, and you can make a folder and move the file in. To take advantage of this you need to go back to the folder whenever you view the picture.
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    03-01-09 11:14 PM
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    That map is perfect - thanks for all the help - made my day -
    03-09-09 01:40 PM
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    Well now there's an app for this. Just goto app world and search "NYC Subway Map" to find it. Works great. Zooms and scrolls to real high resolution quality. Even has the information about which lines run local/express. It downloads the image assets to your external memory card on first download to save your phone's memory from being hogged. And it works offline too!

    It's not free because it's been licensed from the MTA which is an expensive process. The bus maps for each borough are also available as separate apps.
    10-27-09 02:57 PM