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    A bit of background first: for years I have used and still use a classic Palm OS as my personal (vs. business) PIM. I hard sync with (now) my Treo and thereby keep my phone's and 4 computers' Palm desktops' calendar and address book in sync. I do this via a hard (cable) sync and am pleased to do it that way. Changes made to the calendar or address book on any devices winds up on all of them soon enough for my purposes (I do not need OTA syncing, not that I would mind it, but I do like to have a current hard disk copy should I not be able to connect to the cloud.)

    I also use a BB8900 on BES which OTA syncs my calendar and e-mail from Lotus Notes (Domino server), but requires a hard (two-way) sync for the address book. Also fine with me. It also brings in new mail that hits my yahoo in-box, but its e-mail client does not let me see/use my many yahoo folders. (To do this, I must use the browser.)

    Now comes the issue. In a while I may no longer have a BES account and wonder what options there are for using the BB rather than the Treo for my personal e-mail (yahoo), calendar, and address book. Ideally I would like to have a dynamic copy on my desktops and happy to be required to do hard two-way syncs of the calendar and address book.

    I think I would rather not use MS Outlook, and would prefer to continue to use the Palm Desktop PIM, although doubt I will be able to.

    Can you wise and experienced BIS folks help me? If I designate yahoo as my primary e-mail service, will it OTA bring in my e-mail and allow access to all my yahoo mail folders (as it does for Notes)? Will it OTA bring in my yahoo address book and calendar? Will it do that well?

    For several reasons I would rather not go to google mail/address book/calendar. But if I had to, would it give me access to the "folders" allowing both a view of their contents and filing ability for new mail? How well does it sync the address book and calendar?

    Finally, is there any way of using my beloved Palm PIM Desktop calendar and address book and keeping it up to date with hard syncs?

    Sorry for this long-winded question. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Blazor Boy
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