1. jessicaelizabeth_xo's Avatar
    Hi, I'm a newbie on crackberry so take it easy on me.

    I'm having a little problem with my BB's media card. I restarted my phone because I updated a few apps and when I restarted it all my pictures were gone, and there was a notice saying that my media card has errors. I can't figure out how to get my pictures back to my phone! When I plug it into my computer, their all still there so hopefully that's a good sign. Please, if you know of any way that I can fix this, let me know asap!

    Greatly appreciated.
    06-26-11 01:53 AM
  2. jessicaelizabeth_xo's Avatar
    So I would like to thank trdtopdog for this excellent advice!

    "Open my computer on the PC and right mouse click the BlackBerry disk. Then select properties. Select tools and then error-checking. Check BOTH boxes and then click check now. The utility will now check the BlackBerry Media Card for errors"

    This is what worked for me! All my pictures are back and I'm happy again. Haha, hope everything works out for anybody else going though this! BB's ftw.
    06-26-11 02:07 AM