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    i am having a problem here..
    out of a blue, after i change my simcard on my Bold, when i wanted to turn it on again.. it loads like normal, then it show a message "app error523", and below there is only an option to restart it..
    when i click on it, it keep on restarting..
    before the error msg windows, it says that applications fails... i have not managed to read the error msg, a white screen saying the "app error523" msg came up.

    Could anybody help me to restore my Bold?
    Thank you..
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    02-11-09 10:30 AM
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    For my BOLD the problem seemed to be the THEME, some app or something didn't get along with the theme. But in order to change the theme you need to switch the phone on. Here is what I did, I don't know if maybe some of the steps weren't necessary or are not what actually solves the problem, but it worked for me:

    1. Pull out the batt. put it back in for it to start up (for me it worked when the mem.card was removed and not put in until I got the phone running)

    2. when its almost about to light up with the homescreen (you know it when the little clock starts to kinda blink, show up and disappear) I started pressing the MENU button repeatedly, so as soon as it comes alive, it immediately takes you to the menu screen (I'm guessing the problem starts at the homescreen)

    3. Now my phone was on (if I leave this theme, it doesn’t work properly, it won't show me my missed calls in the call log window and the RED "NO" button would act weird, and take me to the call log without missed calls)
    I went into the OPTIONS>THEMES and changed the theme. The problem hasn't occurred yet since then.
    07-22-09 12:21 AM
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    Pull the battery/put it back in. Once the led turns off press and hold the back key(arrow) until the splash screen cones on. This will boot you in safe mode. The last theme that you loaded delete it now and restart your phone. All should be good.

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    07-22-09 12:32 AM