1. zevinzion's Avatar
    Blackberry 9700

    OS: .656 / BIS connection

    I recently installed Syncamatic (Syncamatic Mobile Phone Application - Home) - a wireless syncing application onto my BB and PC. I wasn't able to get it to work right on either, and noticed that it was freezing up both my BB and Outlook.

    I proceeded to delete it from my BB, and then ran a battery pull. It's been about an hour since I have done that and the reload bar (or whatever the bar one sees after running a battery pull) gets about 70% full and then just freezes. I have re-tried the battery pull and each time, it ges up to the same point and then just freezes.

    How can I get my BB back in working order?

    Please help!
    05-27-10 09:58 AM
  2. greydarrah's Avatar
    Sounds like the app screwed up your phone. Search for wiping your OS instructions (you can download BBSAK to do this) and reinstall the OS. Then restore from a backup.
    05-27-10 11:34 AM