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    Hi, I just upgraded to a Blackberry Curve 8520 because I was assured by three Rogers representatives and the blackberry website that "Windows Live™ Messenger for BlackBerry® smartphones places the desktop IM experience – from sending text messages to sharing photos – onto your BlackBerry smartphone." Well, my girlfriend is currently living in the States (I am in Canada) and I got this phone almost entirely as a result of that point. I could send text messages through my 'WLM for BB' application to her phone, and it would be as if we can text each other (Rogers doesn't offer an unlimited international text plan). I realised a few texts in that what was happening was really that I am sending a text from my phone to the number that she had associated with her contact on msn, so I'm getting charged for the full international text. Is there anyway for me to send a text to her (and her respond) without being charged? Either through msn or another program? I have unlimited e-mail/instant messaging, but no data plan, so I can't use a website or something... am I basically screwed? Thanks for any help.

    P.S. I've read through my research on this that there's a way to use AIM through SMS, and on the blackberry 8520 page, it says there's an AIM application for blackberries... would that work if we both got an AOL account?
    10-16-09 12:58 PM
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    What kind of phone is she using? If she has a smartphone then she should be able to download widows live messenger and you can communicate that way. If she is using a BlackBerry just use BBM. There is an AIM application that you can download via app world and that should work also. Hope this helps.
    10-16-09 04:39 PM
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    She just has an ordinary phone. The problem with the AIM application is I can't find anywhere where I can download it to my computer then add it, and my plan doesn't include any data (just email/IM, and phone/texts).

    Edit: I just found a different site where I could download the actual files for AIM... so I now have that on my blackberry... does anyone know if it is still possible to use AIM through SMS? Thanks again.
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    10-16-09 05:40 PM