1. OldFart2's Avatar
    I purchased this headset to use with my new Tour, and it works fine EXCEPT that the one-touch call origination and call disconnect from the headset doesn't work. I've tried it with the Tour in the holster and with it in my lap. Can't make the button come alive MOST OF THE TIME. The troubling thing is that occasionally it works as it should! Then (when I need it) it doesn't work.

    Anyone else experienced this problem? Any suggestions??

    TIA . . .
    11-30-09 09:48 AM
  2. lostalone#CB's Avatar
    yes i have recently purchased the the same headset from best buy and that button doesn't work at all. i have the 9530 storm. called Verizon and they said i should return the headset, but im worried the next one will do the same thing. when i was with att i had the same headset and a BB curve. the worked wonders together but i got that headset from att as well. maybe the solution is to get the headset from your carrier in staid of the universal kind. that is assuming that you got the universal one.
    12-10-09 02:46 AM