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    Ok... don't mean to be contentious or trivial but is it the accelerometer or the gyroscope that maintains orientation? Or do they work together since this allows for motion sensing on 6 axes (as a true accelerometer only measures linear acceleration and the gyroscope only responds to rotation)?

    However with that said, why would we need an accelerometer in a smartphone? The gyroscope seems to be sufficient to maintain precise orientation. From my understanding, coupling a gyroscope with an accelerometer enables the measurement of ALL types of movement simultaneously. Is this needed in a smart phone? This seems to be necessary for gaming consoles like the Wii, Playstation Move, etc.

    Thinking to myself: *but then again there are games on smartphones which may require the measurement of all types of movements so both the gyroscope and accelerometer may be needed*

    So do BlackBerry SmartPhones have both an acceleometer and a gyroscope or only one?
    09-05-11 08:33 AM
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    Guess no one knows.... oh well... on to the next post
    09-05-11 01:48 PM
  3. DannyJK's Avatar
    An accelerometer measures linear acceleration and a gyroscope measures rotation. As far as I know the new Blackberry's only have an accelerometer and not a gyroscope.
    09-05-11 02:03 PM
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    Thanks for you input
    09-05-11 02:56 PM