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    hello im fairly new with blackberrys but i work with cell phones for a living so i had my fair share of play with them. so heres the deal i bought this blackberry curve 8330 for verizon from a walkin customer and the phone works great just like new but with one problem when im in my broswer any download link i click i get

    Tooltip script eror message:

    wz_tooltip.js must be included INSIDE the body section, immediately after the opening <body> tag.

    and some times i get

    Javascript: an eror occurred while executing a script

    but i mostly get the tool tip error

    im on blackberryseeker.com trying to download media for my phone i know its not the site its my phone because they download fine with my brothers same phone i could just download them on my brothers phone and send them to me but whats the point of a blackberry if you cant download can somebody help me please, am i missing a essential file? is this a common error? what can i do to fix it? any how to's or help would be greatly appericated
    09-30-09 10:14 PM