1. Sarahwarah's Avatar
    Unfortunately last week while I was sleeping my dog knocked over a glass of water onto my blackberry bold when I first touched it(about 2 am) I began shaking it to get all the water out I could from there the end button kept activating the M and N buttons. I then took the battery out and put it back in (dumb I know) It wouldn't start so then my boyfriend blow dried it for about 30 min...It then started and acted fine I put it on the charger and when to bed...the next mourning i took it off the charger and now it shuts off every few minutes just shuts down and restarts...I looked at all the water damage stickers the one of the screw was bright white, the one on the battery bright white, now the one to the left of the battery has a tiny bit of pink t the bottom and when I say tiny and faint I meant if you looked quickly at it it looks white. So I put the phone, battery sim and memory card out, it a bag of rice next to my heater for 2 days until I took it out this mourning still shutting off every I don't know like 10-15 minutes sometimes longer. which sucks because the phone still works perfect nothing is malfunctioning except the shutting off. Can someone please help me! I cant live without my phone and I need to know what I should do...I have insurance but I know it doesn't cover water damage but maybe it would since only the bottom of that one sticker is faint pink?? Please Help!
    02-02-09 11:10 AM
  2. Bigmck4u's Avatar
    Actually insurance does cover water damage. Warranty on the other hand does not cover user inflicted damages. If you are paying a monthly fee for insurance, just like your car or medical insurance. Wether or not it's your fault you are covered.
    02-02-09 11:24 AM
  3. Garz's Avatar
    Yes insurance does cover water damage. Its a $125 ded for he Bold but at least you will get a operating Bold again.
    02-02-09 11:29 AM
  4. Sarahwarah's Avatar
    So thats with att right? I pay like 4$ a month and that will cover me enough to get a new phone? Or is that just for lost or stolen
    02-02-09 11:34 AM
  5. Bigmck4u's Avatar
    Lost Stolen or Broken. You pay your monthly fee to have the insurance. if you make a claim as in "I spilled water on my phone please send me another one." you pay the Deductibleand get another phone. I believ you can only make 2 claims a year.
    02-02-09 11:36 AM