View Poll Results: best BB for my other half

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  • Tour

    28 82.35%
  • Storm

    4 11.76%
  • have her stay with her envy2

    2 5.88%
09-17-09 01:49 AM
30 12
  1. gilxmas213's Avatar
    My wife had the pearl and she loved it. Now she has the storm. She hates the touch screen sometimes and the size. The only thing she does like about the most is the size of the screen for watching MP4's. She is thinking about the pearl flip as an alternative.
    09-16-09 09:47 PM
  2. Coruptyed's Avatar
    surprised pearl isnt on there, a lot of girls like the pearl
    09-16-09 11:13 PM
  3. Duvi's Avatar
    None of the above.... Get her a Curve. Smaller, easier, and reliable. Now if you were on AT&T, I would have said 8900. My wife didn't like the keys on the Tour and the Storm will frustrate your gf.
    I was thinking the same exact thing. The Tour's keys are a bit cramped up. Who knows... have her test it out. If she likes it, get her a Tour. If not, you always have the option of getting the 8330.
    09-16-09 11:18 PM
  4. chan92's Avatar
    definitely the storm, they love the touchscreen
    09-16-09 11:39 PM
  5. curve2storm's Avatar
    I can understand wanting the newest model on the mark, I myself want the 8900 but I just can't justify it with a perfectly working 8310 Curve.

    As for the pics, perhaps the camera you were testing had a dirty lense. I keep mine in a sleeve and it takes pictures great pics. Now no cell phone camera is going to catch action or low light as good as a digital, but I think the older 2mp Curve camera is pretty good.

    Edit...sorry for the size....I didn't realize the Curve took pics that
    i took like 50 pics on the curve i had which was brand new and in a case from the second i bought it and was never impressed

    check this out.......Smiles1

    I have read all the suggestions here and since I'm a girl, too - this is my take on it...

    I would not want anything pink even lying on the desk next to my phone - much less on it. Is this going to be a surprise for your GF? If not - just let her pick it out. After all - who would know what she wants better than her?

    she had a pink razor lol she likes pink and yeah its a surprise

    Which ever you choose, pick something that has keys. Some women get frustrated with touchscreens.
    true and i get frustrated w/ mine too lol

    surprised pearl isnt on there, a lot of girls like the pearl
    she just doesnt like the pearl at all

    definitely the storm, they love the touchscreen
    she loves the touchscreen now but worried on a day to day instead of the 4 times shes used mine she might begin to love it
    09-17-09 01:49 AM
30 12