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    Up until now, I have been using a Treo 650. I had the Palm Desktop on three computers; one at work and two at home (desktop & notebook). Now that I have converted to BB and Outlook, I'm wondering if I should continue in the same fashion. I was planning on syncing with Outlook on each computer as well. The problem was it's a pain in the you know what to do it this way.

    I've been hearing more and more about Yahoo and Google calendars. Can I sync my BB to one computer with Outlook, and have the calendar (and contacts) go directly to one of these internet calendars? That way, I could just use one as my home base and use the internet to get to the others? Which should I choose?

    08-22-08 09:21 AM
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    You can sync your canander with outlook and google sync, but contacts is coming soon.
    08-22-08 09:25 AM
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    See my response to a similar question at the Palm Calendar on BlackBerry?
    topic. Sorry I'd post a link but can't do so until I've posted 10 times. Short story: Check out CompanionLink.
    01-04-09 03:03 PM
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    We need a sticky just for new palm and winmo users on switching

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    01-04-09 04:38 PM
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    i don't know? I'm still having an impossible time syncing my outlook calender!
    is it just me or is everyone disappointed in a computer phone that you have to "hard" restart 1-3 times a day?

    01-04-09 04:59 PM
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    We need a sticky just for new palm and winmo users on switching

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    Maybe ... but where? There are already too many Stickies in this forum IMO. Anyone thought about putting up a wiki to allow users to compose a shared knowledge base?
    01-04-09 11:34 PM
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    Hey I'd contribute I had all the palm phones and 3 winmos and no a BB by no means am I an expert at BB buy I know a lot of the plam stuff like ways now to sub one app for another
    Swtiching device with or with out wizard so feel free to let me know if I can help

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    01-05-09 01:38 AM
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    Making a Switch?
    Treo to Blackberry!
    What you need to understand is that the Blackberry Desktop Manager is more a high end sync program it is not a "pim" Personal Information Manager it is like Palms hotsnyc with more functions. What you do use it for is to sync your “pim” data with Outlook or a few others organizers like Outlook Express, Yahoo ect. Outlook is by far the most widely used. You aslo transfer Multimedia, load / unload apps. Also do upgrades and dowgrades. 3rd party app back up too.

    Now if you want your data from your Treo / Palm device on to your BB device. You will need to snyc your palm device with Outlook using hotsnyc then snyc Outlook with your BB using BB DM. Most palm hotsnyc is setup to use the palm desktop. But you change the conduits to snyc with Outlook. You can find this option on the disk you got with the device or just download it. Palm - Support - Palm Desktop for Windows or use Chapura's PocketMirror. Once you have your “pim” data synced with Outlook it’s pretty easy from there. Now you need to sync your BB with Outlook BB DM will walk you through the set up.
    There is also a work around by using google snyc or yahoo for pim but that could be more headaches..

    What if you know longer have your Treo or Palm device. But you still have your pim data on Palm Desktop. There are a few programs that you can purchase to Export the "pim” data from Palm Desktop and then Import them to BB DM

    PDAssistant merges your Outlook and Palm Desktop contacts

    companionlink software Synchronize CRM or PIM data with handheld devices -- CompanionLink

    As far a multimedia mp3’s, avi’s, photos ect. it should be simple if you have the right SD cards. Anything on your device memory you want make sure to move it to the SD card in your palm device. Then with a card reader you should be able to switch all data to your PC and then to the card you will now use in the BB. Depending on which palm you had? The size of the cards change so hopefully you have adapters to get the data on to a mirco SD
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