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    I tried to install JL_cmnder last night to follow Pate6's screenshot instructions to use his batch file. I have installed it before for an OS upgrade. I was able to install it then and get it to work to do a wipe, but last night I tried to use the bat file and it couldn't find the JL or java loader it needed. So I deleted that copy and downloaded the JL zip file and tried to reinstall that on my Vista computer.

    For some reason it is not installing to where it should because Pete6's bat file can't find it. I'm assuming that it usually installs to a specific location because Pete wrote his bat to look for it in a specific location. Also, isn't it supposed to put an icon on the desktop? There's one for it in the extracted files - prior to clicking on the install file. It is only putting up a faded folder, not it's icon.

    I'm sure it is something I'm doing wrong, but I can't figure it out. One last thing, it doesn't even show up in my list of installed programs to use Windows uninstall!?

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    Why did you not just PM me... this is a breeze!

    First of all, which version of Pete's CrackMem are you using?

    Secondly, JL_cmdr is just an .exe file... it does not actually install anything on your PC under add/remove programs (if I recall and may very well be wrong on this one!)

    I am not on a PC with JL_cmdr so I cannot check this... there may be a mention of this within the "Help" text of CrackMem!

    Also, the site for JL_cmdr goes through the install steps! JL_Cmder Javaloader Utility
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    I was confused , hard to believe, lol. Thanks bmc! You're right about it not installing - I didn't realize it was just an exe file. Duh. I was able to get it to wipe, I was confused that Pete6's bat file couldn't find it?

    I posted this in case someone else had this problem and didn't want to ask a dumb question. I don't have a problem being dumb, er ....

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