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    Hello, can anyone tell me where to find info on the hard drives for bb's. I'm looking to see what the proc. speed is on the BB. Like the 8310, 8900, and the bold (9000). I'm goin to upgrade soon and trying to find the fastest one. Have played with the bold and sure on that one. But the 8900 looks pretty cool.

    Any help would be great. thanx

    Shoot also is there an app that shows how to make mixed drinks? My wife has one one her Iphone. well I put it there anyways but lookin for one for my BB.
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    The Bold has the fastest processor. You can search the forums to find which processor is the highest clock rate but it is a pretty meaningless number within the context of a BlackBerry.

    The CPU has to do nearly everything so the Storm will need more CPU resources than the Bold with its keyboard.

    The Javelin has a slower processor but a bgger screen.

    The Bold has 3G so it downloads faster but it is physically a bigger package and chews its battery up faster.

    As to the Hard Disk??? All BlackBerrys use microSd and microSDHC cards and the size and speed of these is increasing all the time. If you buy a Class 2 card then the speed is adequate for all BlackBerry functions. A Class 4 or 6 card will allow faster file transfers when copying but obviously will not speed up playback of media.

    If you read my thread on microSD card from the link in my signature greater detail may be found.
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