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    Ya, so long story short. My daughter knocked my 9900 in the bath. Submerged maybe 15 secs. Otterbox Commuter taken off right away, battery pulled, sim and sd pulled. Did not turn BB on at all. Placed in rice immediately until I was able to go get Silica and 99% Alcohol. Cleaned it with alcohol and placed in air tight container with silica in a nylon stocking. Today is day 3 - 9900 looks and feels dry with the exception of alcohol behind the LCD screen. It doesn't look to have damaged the screen, the liquid moves around with the phone as if it were a mini fish tank behind moved from side to side. It is killing me not having my Bold - especially as I am now using my wife's old Curve 9300 in FUSCIA - ya that's right pink. My thoughts are to now take the entire phone apart and see if I can get the liquid from behind the LCD out some how.

    Any thoughts or ideas would be great. I have no issues leaving it sitting longer waiting for the silica to pull it out. But on day 3 it looks as if the liquid is the exact same volume as it started and the rest of the phone is bone dry.

    Yes I know I am for letting it get wet. And some of you may disagree with the alcohol, or he rice or the silica. Too late for that, so no point in calling me ********. Suggestions would be great. And I appreciate it in advance.

    08-27-12 09:21 AM
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    Put it in a sunny spot, that might help evaporate the remaining alcohol.

    Edit: Did you submerge it in alcohol???
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    08-27-12 09:37 AM
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    Rob, my Bold also fell in water when i was kayaking. I did not take the battery out and i thought it was dead. I followed the same steps as you. Put it in rice for three days under a lamp. Then turned it on. No luck. So then I put it in the drawer for about a week (or two maybe). I guess it air dried, because before throwing it out I gave it one last shot to turn it on … and it did!.
    Now I have a usable Bold 9000 build to last.
    I’m pretty sure yours will turn on also, I suggest let it air dry (after you’ve done the rice) and use another phone in the meantime.
    08-27-12 09:38 AM
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    If you dare, you can youtube "how to remove screen from blackberry" its one of the first steps in actually replacing the lcd, but from the sounds of it, you only need to remove the protective screen to get the liquid out from behind it.

    I had a similar experience with my 9900 in May. I had accidentally dropped mine in a lake for as long as it took me to realized it fell, reach in and grab it. It was in an Otterbox Defender with the holster on. It took about 15-20 mins to get back to my campsite before I could, make that WANTED to, take my phone apart and asses the damage. To my surprise, the phone was practically bone dry inside. I still took out the battery, sim and sd card, and left it alone for a couple of days. No rice, silica or alcohol, just left it apart to dry for two days. The phone works fine and haven't had any issues with it since.

    Needless to say, when I go camping again this weekend, the phone will be staying at the campsite as opposed to coming out on the water with me lol
    08-27-12 09:57 AM
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    My Storm2 went to the bottom of a pool. Tried rice, alcohol, etc. Nothing ever worked. Tried it again 6 months later, no luck. Hope your story is different.
    08-27-12 11:48 AM
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    go get rice and put your phone in there for a day.....I am dead serious....it is not urban legend....it does work

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    08-27-12 12:00 PM
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    sleepngbear Put it in a sunny spot, that might help evaporate the remaining alcohol.

    Edit: Did you submerge it in alcohol???

    ** I did submerge it in alcohol **
    And thanks very much guys for all the input. After 3 days in silica I did take her apart yesterday. Cleaned everything with a fine brush and let the components sit and dry overnight. To get the alcohol out that was trapped behind the screen, I heated the protective cover of the LCD with a heat gun and pried it apart every so slightly on one corner. When I saw a drop hit my screwdriver I placed the screen on a papertowel. Damn those "sponge pockets" just pulled the liquid right out. Anyways, put it back together this morning. LCD has staining from the liquid, it's a off but still useable. Major problem is that the keyboard seems to be fried. Some keys are not working. Everything booted up, sim recognized, connect to network and battery life seems to be draining like normal. I am hoping the keyboard just needs to be replaced and it is not the internals that aren't recognizing what keys are being pressed. As from looking online the keyboards seem fairly cheap. Do any of you have a preferred supplier you have ordered parts from??

    So my frankenstein 9900 is up and running just crippled.
    08-28-12 06:41 AM
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    My daughter went swimming with her android. I took it apart, as much as I can and laid out the parts on a high shelf in my garage and let it baked there for 4 days. In the summer, my garage gets around 120 degrees (NM). Afterwards I reassemble, bought a new battery and it worked. Too bad my daughter lost it a couple of weeks later.

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    08-28-12 02:14 PM