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    I have a new HTC 11 Tilt running Backberry Connect Software, After loading the BBC software it will crash after a couple of days and erase all the data on the phone and memory card. I then reload all data inc. BBC S/W and the same happens. I have had the phone replaced and still no change.

    BBConnect ver.

    WM6.1 Professional

    Many Thanks
    11-27-08 06:35 AM
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    I want to know where you even get BB Connect. I really want to try it out on my WM6 device.

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    EDIT: I found a link to several versions of BB Connect, you are trying to use 103, there is now a version 104 out. This might resolve your problem.
    The links to the new version are here:
    sems.org | Blackberry Connect 4.0 Downloads (Windows Mobile)

    But you might take a look at this too, I don't know anything about the Tilt so I can't help you out too much but this is a place to start:
    Blackberry Connect Users Beware of Windows Mobile 6.1 | Mobility Site
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