1. deviouskind's Avatar
    I have a client that is running BES Express on Windows Server 2008.
    He is having trouble syncing his contacts from Outlook to his Blackberry.
    Now, we tell clients not to use the Blackberry Desktop Management software because it doesn't play nice with the BES Server and you'd have almost no reason to run both. I was wondering if anyone knew a solution or a way around this problem? I tried searching google but I only find info related to the Blackberry Desktop Manager, and like I said we arent going that route.

    If anyone knows the cause or solution to this problem, please respond back ASAP. Thank you very much!
    06-10-11 02:35 PM
  2. techfanuser's Avatar
    If you are using AT&T, in their "wisdom," they have decided to take the contacts off your phone and back them up to the AT&T server. THEY DO NOT TELL THE CUSTOMER THAT THEY ARE DOING THIS! Once this happens, your contacts are no longer available to sync with Outlook! If you are lucky, you might have some contacts still in the "default" address book (aka, the Blackberry address book). There will be 2 address books, default & AT&T. Once in AT&T, never out! I have spent HOURS with RIM support to marry the two and get rid of the AT&T option. They worked days to marry the two files. Things worked until today when I had to replace my phone under warranty. They did me the "favor" in the store to convert them to AT&T! Now AT&T support won't let me get back to RIM support - again - to undo what AT&T did without my permission.

    Good luck. Your best bet is to get to RIM directly and get them to help you. Anyone other than RIM does not have a clue. Even RIM was not told that AT&T would do this!
    06-11-11 08:43 PM