1. eclipsegst97's Avatar
    So I just bought a Blackberry curve 8330 ( i Have had a few in the past) and have it with Sprint
    Installed google maps but..... using it it cannot detect my locationn any closer than 1300 meter in radius.

    Before that that it could locate me in a 10 meter radius.

    I checked the GPS to make sure it was on, it was

    I went to aplpications and it seems if I have the 4.5 software ( unless i'm reading it wrong for some reason.)

    Made sure that google mapss plication had "allow" in its permissions for connections.

    I've uninstalled reinstalled google maps, turned it off and on, pulled the battery on it as well too

    What else could it be? Please help.. iF I cant fix it. i'm buying a new curve or such.... GPS is necessary for what I do

    I had have a curve 8330 under sptin no less than10 days ago that worked perfectly with google maps ( replaced it with the current one as it died a premature death)
    07-21-09 01:05 PM
  2. robot64's Avatar
    i have google maps 3.0.2 and it can detect my location within 500 meters, if gps is on i dont see where the problem could come from, it could be that gps is unavailable sometimes
    07-21-09 03:01 PM
  3. Gunnyman's Avatar
    There's a documented (and much talked about) issue with Google Maps and The Curve 8330m. Google is supposedly working on a fix, but it's been MONTHS.
    07-21-09 03:08 PM
  4. crackberryvirgin's Avatar
    I always use sprint navigation, works better i think
    07-22-09 12:36 AM
  5. grandpa dan's Avatar
    Google maps is estimating your location based on the cell tower you are accessing and the range of that tower. If you have an 8330 the gps working with google will be spotty at best. If you have an 8330m I don't think your gps will work at all with google maps for the time being.

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    07-22-09 02:23 AM
  6. cbarth3's Avatar
    can't seem to find it now but saw a post about installing the garmin free trial gps software and being able to get the google maps to work after that.
    07-22-09 03:27 AM
  7. dollface's Avatar
    I use both Google Maps and Sprint Navigation (free) and Sprint Navigation is always extremely accurate. Last week I used Google Maps to find me at my work location and it showed me as being across the street a bit
    07-22-09 06:32 AM
  8. grandpa dan's Avatar
    You can get google to work with gps, it does on mine. Problem is its a pos it loses sat lock all the time. For that matter all of the 3rd party gps apps I've tried(there have been several)have been marginal at best. The free ones are generally poor and the pay ones all have their faults. If a person was going to go the pay route I would suggest spending the $150 outright and buying a dedicated gps like a garmin or a tom tom rather than spending $10 a month for a below average app. If a person wants to try and get by with free apps I would suggest using bbmaps along with google maps. Bbmaps gets and holds a pretty good sat lock and google has outstanding maps but no usable gps.

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    07-22-09 06:40 AM
  9. Mystic205's Avatar
    As Gunnyman says, there has been issues with google maps running on the newer 8330m, tho no issues on the older 8330e.

    Just use the Sprint maps & nav.
    07-22-09 07:10 AM
  10. eclipsegst97's Avatar
    How can I see if it is a 8330m.. i am not positive it is??

    I had this problem last year with a 8330. ( luckily i lost it and got a replacement
    07-22-09 10:15 AM
  11. cbarth3's Avatar
    if you go into your options and go to about it will tell you.

    well can't post a link but it is on howardforums . com under pearl flip gps looks like it is thread id 1548292
    07-22-09 08:23 PM