1. Kiggz's Avatar
    Hey guys i am from toronto, I plan to get a blackberry, i would like a higher end newer blackberry*

    I want a camera basically everything else i am up for grabs with as long as there is a decent camera.

    So i watched a few reviews but it did not get me very far in my research. I am from toronto canada. Now i do not use my phone religiously just a few texts each day maybe a few calls nothing more i am not like one of those chicks that talks on the phone all day so keep that in mind when giving me advice.

    I do not want a pearl* I want a bold or something of that style. I will probably be choosing rodgers as my service provider, is there any other choices in toronto ?

    I was also curious about the features most of these models have, how does the internet work ? and what are the fees ect. I hear all this about 3g ect and i have had people tell me if you go on the web ect it wastes money is there a free internet plan or bundle or something like that, i am just curious.

    i do not understand how the whole web browsing fees work ect is it like you start with a few gigs and pay after you run out or something ? what is the best provider in toronto ? is there pay as you go service provider ?

    what are the differences between all the new models i want one that is top of the line with blackberry pin chat. ect and which model is the most hackable * as far as hack ability goes.
    02-24-09 09:39 PM
  2. Speedv1's Avatar
    Well out of all honesty you seem to be a VERY light user. For the camera department check out the 8900, 3.2 mp, versus the next highest of 2.0 (seen in the Bold 9000).

    Overall the Curve II (8900) is still a stylish phone, smaller than the Bold, and as you seem to not use the keyboard it doesn't matter about the comparison (Bold keyboard vs. Curve II keyboard).

    In terms of plans you have to specify.. how much calling do you do? Sms is obviously a LOW priority for you. Do you need vm, cid, etc? Also do you need wireless data access? I don't actually have data access, whenever I'm not driving I have access to wifi, so waste of time to have the data feature.

    Overall I'd say both the Curve II and Bold are beautiful, the addition of the 3g to the Bold allows you to do multiple things at one time (call, use web services, sms, etc). If you're not a heavy user then you may well not even notice the 3g pluses.
    02-24-09 09:46 PM
  3. ryanlrobinson's Avatar
    Check out the Rogers/Telus/Bell/Fido websites for plan options - I think those are the only four that carry BlackBerries in Canada, not even sure if Fido does actually. If you aren't going to use any data, don't bother with any plan and save yourself a lot of money. Otherwise, few people use more than 500MB which is usually the smallest available I think from any of the three (didn't look into Rogers as much myself, ended up deciding on Telus). Especially with Rogers I didn't really look at their Blackberry rates, so I can't say for myself, but they're all on their website or just go into a store and talk to somebody for a few minutes. If you go over the amount of data in your plan, the rate per MB is ridiculously high - $8/MB I think on Telus. Depending on the plan, it may just include web browsing under "Data" or it may include everything.

    For specific phones, from what I've heard, I would probably second the previous opinion of getting a Curve 8900. Lightweight, and good camera - although the Storm is also 3.2 MP (Telus or Bell, Rogers doesn't carry). Bold is more heavy duty and nicer if you're getting a lot of use out of it - bigger keyboard, 3G - but you sound like you won't. Storm has the touchscreen; iPhone-esque in looks but with the more business-y BlackBerry features behind it. I greatly enjoy it but it drives some other people crazy who prefer a physical keyboard; really personal preference and always try before you buy in either case.
    02-24-09 10:18 PM