1. rydo100's Avatar
    Hey, first ever post here, just got my BB Torch last friday and just been messing about with it trying to figure out things by myself but i've been stumped by 1 problem.

    I was updating the Facebook app and logigng in for the 1st time and it asked if i wanted to sync my facebook contact list with my phonebook contact list, or somthing to that effect and me being a fiddiot was just quickly clicking yes to everything to get through it all quickly.

    Now there is 600 odd random email addresses mixed in with my phonebook numbers, is there any simple way of fixing it or is it basicaly delete the lot and start again ? I just want it to be back to my phonebook numbers without any email addresses

    Cheers, Ryan.
    03-16-11 04:51 PM
  2. Technerd.McLeod's Avatar
    When I sync my facebook contacts, I don't get them into my phone. It just updates who I have in my phone with their FB pictures. Facebook has never added any contacts on to my phone.
    I've had a similar problem occur when I synced my email address contacts with my phone, which added every single one of the 300 emails. Had to manually delete them all, one by one since I didn't back up my phone.

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    03-16-11 05:02 PM
  3. rydo100's Avatar
    I think thats what might have happend then, i added my email account to my phone at the same time as i set up my facebook, i just assumed it was facebook.
    Ah well i better start deleting them cause i havent backed up anything either lol ! Thanks buddy.
    03-16-11 05:33 PM
  4. COrancher's Avatar
    This same thing happened with my Palm Pixi I had before, and exactly why I didn't sync anything this time around with my BB. It's a real pain in the @$$ to get all those Email-only contacts out of the regular contacts, especially when it makes doubles..
    03-17-11 12:28 AM