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    Now, I've got to say, I adore my BlackBerry PlayBook. Couldn't live without it. But when it comes to BlackBerry Phones, it puts me off. I've had one for around a month, and I know it's not a lot of time, but it's given me a pretty good insight to the way it works.

    Firstly, with BIS. 5 a month in the UK seems pretty decent, although when it ran out, the BlackBerry icon indicating activation of BIS was still there. I got a text saying "we couldnt top your BBM/BIS up," and I looked every so often throughout today, and the icon was still there. So I thought it might've been a problem they quickly resolved. Obviously not. I check my balance just make sure I've got around 5 left from my recent 10 top-up, and my balance has gone to 0. I understand this is because I went on Facebook and Twitter during the day, but I was oblivious to the fact I hadn't got BIS since the icon was still there, along with the Service Status saying, "connected." But even though it says this, it's obviously made me pay more for the connection charge.

    I have another worry. BlackBerry 10. This is only a worry, because I'm not planning on buying BlackBerry 10 from launch date. Like all new operating software, there will be things Beta testers won't have seen, not saying this will be the case, but it nearly always is. Also, if it's true that the launch price may be aroun d 500 here in the UK, I probably won't be thinking about getting one until next Christmas. But the main reason I worry, is because I have a PlayBook, and the rumor that BlackBerry 10 for PlayBook is given for free, whereas BlackBerry 10 for phones is separate, and not an update. I don't suppose BlackBerry 10 will backwards-sync? (Blackberry 7.1 Phone to BlackBerry 10 PlayBook).

    Some of the main reasons that push me towards an android phone, is that obviously the extensive apps. NOw BlackBerries aren't really about Apps, but because my BlackBerry 9320 doesn't have a touchscreen, it's a bit... limited with apps. With a PlayBook, you have 7 inches to play around with. So more useful apps seem to appear on there.

    Finally, I feel a little annoyed at BBM. Not for the app itself, (because it's honestly one of the greatest messengers around) but the people on it. I can see where it comes in handy for businesses, for example if a broadcasting company had them for each staff member, you can contact each other easily. But with general consumers, it seems pointless. No one ever seems to talk to each other, all they do is broadcast the most irritating and stupid things ever. So I feel it was a waste of time even paying for BIS if I'm not going to need it or use it.

    Now, I have 2 options:

    1) Top-up 10 and wait for it to top up BIS, and wait for the price of BlackBerry 10 to reduce (which seems pretty reasonable).
    2) Sell my BlackBerry and buy the Sony Experia Miro (Android)., and I then wouldn't have to worry about the whole syncing thing, as I don't really find BlackBerry Bridge very useful, and I prefer to use my PlayBook like any other tablet.

    Thanks to anyone who replies!
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    I'd recommend an upgrade to a 9900 or a 9810 over the Sony. . . IMHO it would be a better overall experience. I started with a 9360 and the jump to the 9810 was phenomenal. I expect the BBM-user numbers to increase in coming months. . .

    But to each their own! Good luck.

    9810 + 32GB WiFi PlayBook = Unstoppable Mobile Office!
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