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    Hi All,

    I have BB handset which my contract has just run out on. Work have provided a Palm Pre handset (rubbish) and sim card on the same network as a company phone.

    I have tried to put the sim card in the blackberry and can access WAP, SMS and Calls..but unable to use any of the services like BBM messanger, App world, none of my exisiting apps work.

    Can anyone help how I can get blackberry data services on my phone?
    07-27-11 06:20 AM
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    Well, you would need to contact your service provider and get the blackberry services activated, which would incur a recurring monthly rental cost. Before you do it, just to make sure the device is unlocked see if with the replacement sim card you can make out phone calls.
    07-27-11 06:45 AM
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    Thankyou. I take it by Service Provider you mean Vodafone. Thats who I have my work phone through...are they the only people that can ammend it?

    Can you not obtain the Blackberry Data service via any other means?
    07-27-11 07:22 AM
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    The carrier (whoever provides the services associated with that SIM card) is the only one who can make the BlackBerry work. You could also get another SIM card from another carrier, but either way you need a BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) plan. Think of it this way: BIS is the specific data plan that makes a BlackBerry work.

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    07-27-11 07:34 AM