1. djpeesh's Avatar
    Hey there,
    So I just moved to India and took my new T-mobile 9780 with me. Tmo unlocked it for me as I've been on my contract long enough and well, I was moving to India.

    Anywho, so I got myself an Airtel connection with BIS and everything. Now, I can't get my wifi to work. I changed the APN settings too to airtelgprs.com and everything but the damn thing just doesnt work.

    I can browse the net in the browser on EDGE (In India, they don't seem to have 3G on Airtel yet.) But the moment I turn on wifi and try and use my home network, the browser stutters and says "Unable to find the requested server.''

    I turn off wifi and it works again. What's weird is that if I use my 8900 (also tmo, also unlocked), I can browse through the wifi.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    01-27-11 12:18 PM
  2. jainn1's Avatar
    Did you get wifi working on your airtel connection?
    05-24-11 06:40 AM