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    Ok, this may get bumped, but I put it here becasue its not really device specific help I'm requesting, and I've heard of other types of Blackberry doing the same thing. If I put it in the wrong place, sorry in advance
    Also, I looked EXTENSIVELY for an answer for this, and couldn't find it, so no "google works" responses please I'm pretty sure I didn't miss anything, if I did feel free to call me a doofus and post a link.
    Anyways, here's the issue: I want my firewall on because it stops Opera from asking me permission everytime I use it. However, with my firewall on, I cannot open documents with Docs-To-Go. I have to go and disable my firewall first. Mobipocket gives me trouble as well.
    I understand what a split pipe policy is, but I'm on a BIS and can't figure out how that would be the problem (no IT policy I thought).
    And before you say "wipe it," I have. I've used the command prompt, the device wipe, Crackmem, and the JVloader thingy. I've also updates my OS, installed and uninstalled a hybrid, wiped again, etc.
    Anyone know of anyway to resolve this? Anyone?
    I'm somewhat convinced it can't be done, and that I have to constantly enable/disable my firewall depending on what I want to do. I'm hoping someone will come along and prove to me what a moron I am
    PS - Blackberry's RULE!
    12-09-09 06:54 PM
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    Update: I tried just having the firewall off, but that stopped MyAlarm from sounding without my first giving it permission; that could have made me late to work

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    12-10-09 09:12 AM