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    I had an issue with my BB receiving e-mail from one of two of my e-mail accounts. While the Verizon rep was assiting me, he deleted the e-mail account from my service. As soon as he did that, my calendar which always appears on my home screen disappeared. My calendar still exists except that now every time I click on it, it says "Organizing Calendar."

    Eventually, they set up that same e-mail account again but I still can't see my calendar on my home screen. I spoke to a senior RIM rep whom helped me to regain e-mail access and he said that the service book for my calendar was likely attached to that e-mail account. I saw that someone suggested going into Advanced Options and switching the account...I did that...but there is no change. I also switched to another theme and then back again with the same results. I also re-sent my service books.

    Any suggestions?
    03-08-09 06:59 PM
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    Can I just say...I LOVE this board!!! A search revealed THE answer. I had to get rid of the e-mail service books with "CICAL" in them. I have posted the link. Here is part of the post that did the trick for anyone whom is in a similar situation:

    "This issue IS tied to the fact that when you add/link email accounts, the calendar always wants to associate an event with a linked email address. If you have email accounts linked to your phone, there is no way to set up a calendar event without it being linked to an email address.

    Go to Options - Advanced - Service Book
    You will see 2 items listed for every email account you have linked.
    Click on one of the email items to view its Service Record.
    DELETE the email item that has CICAL listed for CID.
    DO NOT delete the email item that has CMIME listed for CID.
    Do this for every email account you see listed there.

    After you have completed this, you are good to go. I have not experienced any more issues with calendar events on the today theme home screen. The only functionality that I can see will be removed by following these instructions is that you will not be able to send invitations from a calendar event."

    03-08-09 09:23 PM
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    you rock dude!! Thanks.
    03-30-09 02:45 PM