1. llm17176's Avatar
    So BEFORE the "update" (I have yet to see any real good changes). I had a theme from themestorm.net on my screen. I loved it. On it, like the curve, it would show my agenda on the home screen from my calendar.
    If I just lightly touch the calendar, it will show my itinerary for like 10 events or something. Now after the update, it won't show anything. I have to actually go into my calendar.

    How can I get the events in my calendar to show on my home screen again??? I have the same theme as before...

    Also... when my phone locked off, all I had to do was press the screen and the screen would show again, but not unlock. Now I have to press the power bottom or the unlock bottom in order to just see the screen. How can I go back to the old way??

    06-14-09 01:59 PM