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    I have a BlackBerry Curve 8900. When I bought it I did not think of a screen protector, but after quite some use the screen got scratched and I did not like it. I ordered a screen protector and a new glass lens for the LCD.

    Having experience of my first BlackBerry, the 8700c, I thought the process to be just as simple. Turned out it wasn't. I thought all I needed to do was tear apart the Curve and lift the LCD lens. While doing that I heard some crackling and a dark (black) layer started breaking. I lifted the whole thing to see what it was and now there is some sticky glue like liquid on the LCD. I believe I ripped off the part that was supposed to be on there.

    Anyone had this happening; I am now at a loss because the LCD itself costs much and there seem to be three different types of LCD screens. How do I identify my LCD and where can I get a replacement one?

    By the way I saw some LCD screens sold at eBay, but they did not have this LCD lens part on them, anyone know where I can get a complete one? I wish I knew the Curve was this complex from the inside, my 8700c was a piece of cake to fix (and I changed its LCD lens more than a couple of times).

    EDIT: Ok, I identified the LCD to be of type 002/011. (was printed at the back of the LCD module)

    Now I must use temporarily some ****ty Motorola
    Thank you much for help, please if anyone can tell me what is the part I just broke? It is the dark layer of the LCD screen, what is it called?
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    Go to fonlogix.us they have instructions on how to take apart the phones properly and replace all the parts. They also sell inexpensive parts.

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    Here's a link.

    Blackberry Parts, BlackBerry Curve Parts, Blackberry Pearl Parts, Blackberry Bold Parts

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    Yes now I do know how to fully take the Curve 8900 apart properly. I did read the instructions for disassembly earlier as I changed the bezel to a black one, but the part I wanted to replace here no matter what instructions you look at, is impossible to exchange without damaging the LCD itself.

    I've calmed down now, I think I'll do OK without my BlackBerry for a week, but the site you listed won't help me. I don't live in the U.S., I live in Europe. I've seen all Curve 8900 LCD (type 002/111) listings on eBay with many located in Hong Kong and some in the USA. Not sure what to choose, all do have more than 99% feedback rating and they say it is brand new, but how do I know it's a true OEM part...

    Pretty lost right now and my budget is only 100 USD (absolute max). Anyone know of a reputable store which ships to Europe and has this part I am looking for?

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    I think I already found that side through google, but they don't have the LCD for sale pdarepairworld.com - BlackBerry Repair Parts for BlackBerry 8900 Curve
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    I've had nothing but issues with CNN and their shipment is slower than a snail in Sahara. The last time I ordered from them also wasn't "OEM" as described, cheap metal. Any other suggestions? Thanks for the help so far.

    EDIT: Even they don't have the LCD for sale. Can't be true that the LCD screen is so hard to find.
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