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    Hi Guys and Gals! I'm new to the site and super excited to join this community! Unfortunately my first post is one of panic!!

    I recently got a Bold because my Curve 8310 was on its last leg. I decided to backup all my info from the Curve (which I had never done, yes I'm an *****) to transfer onto the Bold. Anyhow, I started the process of transfering my pics, numbers, etc onto the BB backup file on my laptop. The program said not to turn-off or interrupt the process as it could mess up my BB. When I walked away for a few minutes, my laptop went into hybernation and when I logged back on.. my Curve had no image and now only the red LED light blinks!! ARRRGGG!!!! I have over 250 VERY IMPORTANT numbers on it (and no, I didnt save the numbers to my SIM.. YES IM AN *****!!) Do I have any hope of getting the phone working again to retrieve the numbers??? PLEASE HELP!!!!
    03-11-11 11:40 PM
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    Try one of these:



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    03-11-11 11:54 PM