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    I'm from Guatemala and I live in Canada most of the year, and I bought a blackberry 9700 back in September. I've been in Guatemala for a month and a half now and I'd been using my bbm, browser, and other apps that need internet through my wifi. It was all great until a week ago it stopped working. It says I'm connected to the wifi network. I already reset that and even tried with other wifi networks and the same thing happens. I thought it might be my phone bill but it's all paid. Then I thought I should update my software but when I try to do that, it says "Blackberry Desktop Software failed to update your Blackberry device. The data could not be backed up, ensure that you can backup data on your device and try again." I already ejected it and tried again, and nothing. I've removed the battery and tried again. Before the desktop software opened on my computer, I selected the "use as usb" option and that didn't work either.
    Any, any, any help would be appreciated!
    08-02-11 12:47 AM