1. MrWireless31's Avatar
    I recently started using my Jabra 500 bluetooth headset with my BlackBerry Storm running OS Headset worked fine for first few weeks, but then suddenly, I experienced multiple "beeps" during my conversation as if the battery was slowly dying.

    Even though I was pretty sure the headset had a decent battery amount left, I charged the headset completely. Now with a full charge, I experienced the same thing. The headset will work normally for a few minutes until "beep beep beep". I even tried deleting and resynching the headset to my Storm 9530. The beeps don't seem to have any sort of pattern either, sometimes I get 3 beeps in a row, other times its one beep every 15 seconds.

    My question is simple, what is going on with my headset? Is it my Storm's software? Is there something wrong with my headset? Has anyone else experience this and, more importantly, does anyone have a fix? I love this headset because it wraps behind the ear and I have not see any like this around. The headset is probably abuot 2 years old, but has had very minimal use over that time period (and even less battery charges/cycles). Any info would help
    10-06-09 04:33 PM
  2. MrWireless31's Avatar
    It appears as though my phone has been going back and forth between recognizing a standard (wired) headset and a bluetooth headset. I'll be on the call and randomly the phone acts as if I've turned OFF my bluetooth and plugged IN a wired headset. I can tell his by looking at the in-call screen on the phone and how the icons switch from the Bluetooth logo to the headset logo. ANybody know how to stop this?
    10-07-09 08:42 AM
  3. hookbill's Avatar
    On build .151 there was a bluetooth issue with certain devices headset devices. I can't say if that issue was affecting Jabra, because I use a Jawbone but more then likely it did.

    Build .167 fixed this issue. I would look into using your warranty and obtaining another head set. I'll even go a step further and say that IMHO Jabra has bad quality and you might want to look at getting a Jawbone instead, it's a night and day difference. Also I can guarantee that Jawbone does work with .167.
    10-07-09 09:12 AM
  4. MrWireless31's Avatar
    Headset is not the issue as it works fine with other devices. Just by looking at the in-call screen, I can tell it is DEFINITELY the phone, since it continues to switch between recognizing a BT headset being connected, then not recognizing the BT, but recognizing a wired headset being connect - I can tell this just by the in-call icons. If the BT headset was just dropping out, it would be showing the normal speaker icon and transfer the sounds back to the earpiece, not a WIRED headset. Any other ideas? Please help!!
    10-07-09 06:25 PM