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    Hi, Im requesting all help I can get. My dilemma is the next one: I dont know which bluetooth headset to choose between the next ones:

    1) Jawbone Era
    2) Blueant Q2
    3) Blackberry HS-700

    I have researched for 3 days now and I cant find the one that will suit me. Im looking for the best between the 3. I need the one the integrates the best with my blackberry 9780 (or any blackberry).

    1) The jawbone ERA has HD sound, very good battery life, plus the mytalk.com which gives you the possibility of new apps that will improve the headset in the future. What I dont know is what voice commands work on this headset? Can it read my incoming messages (through vlingo or any other software)?

    2) The blueant Q2 has allot of voice commands, and apparently it integrates with the blackberry very well. Dont know allot about this headset.

    3) The blackberry HS-700, has allot of voice commands, apparently it would be the best one for total integration for blackberry, but for example it does't have upgradable firmware, which is a big negative. Also not sure about the battery.

    So here it is, that's what I know, so I would ask everyone o help me decide, I really am a little confused by now.

    03-11-11 08:02 AM