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    OK, I'll try and make this short.

    Today I read the post about Bla1ze taking on The Verge and I also went to Android Central. In the past I have read articles by BGR and Engadget. To Note: I am really upset with Android Central being a sister site to CrackBerry and reading the rubbish they allow (both articles and comments)

    I would like to form a team or just a society that helps support BlackBerry from the false information blasted on other sites. This post will just be to highlight the posts from other sites that hurt BlackBerry.
    I am not looking for a war between sites or Fanboy battles. I am wanting a better understanding of what BlackBerry is and why it is so great! Please help in the comment section of some of the posts (on the sites listed). Trolls are best squashed with logic and reality. I have actually seen a "little" turn on Engadget and Mobile Syrup in regards to the comments. Post any other sites or articles that might need some help (author or commenters) in the comments below. I'll update when I can...

    Here's the current posts:

    Feb 18th - The Verge BlackBerry's CEO is 'outraged' by T-Mobile's attempts to convert its customers to the iPhone | The Verge
    Feb 18th - Android Central BBM for Android now compatible with Gingerbread | Android Central
    Feb 18th - BGR T-Mobile BlackBerry iPhone promotion gets slammed by CEO Chen | BGR
    Feb 18th - Engadget BlackBerry Messenger now available to phones running Android 2.3
    Feb 17th - BGR T-Mobile iPhone promotion angers BlackBerry fans | BGR
    Feb 17th - BGR BlackBerry Z3 Photos, Specs Leak | BGR
    Feb 14th - Mobile Syrup http://mobilesyrup.com/2014/02/14/wi...risis-is-over/
    Feb 14th - Android Central All you need to know about BBM 2.0 for Android | Android Central
    Feb 14th - BGR BlackBerry Jakarta Specs Leak in Benchark Test Results | BGR
    Feb 13th - Engadget BBM Channels and Voice come to Android and iPhone
    Jan 28th - The Verge http://www.theverge.com/2014/1/28/53...pdate-rollout#

    PS. I would also like to thank Bla1ze for his great work as always!
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    02-19-14 02:23 PM
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    I have a hard enough time keeping up with 'enlightening' the buffoons on Seeking Alpha.

    Anyway, I don't want to contribute to any of those sites' page hits.
    02-19-14 02:49 PM
  3. brian4591's Avatar
    I know page hits is why they post some of the absurd articles (BGR!!). But I think anyone willing to contribute to the comments sections on those site might help enlighten the "common" reader.

    Reason being:
    - Person looking for a new smartphone and thinking about BlackBerry.
    - Google searches BlackBerry Z10
    - Finds Engadget and reads article and then makes his/her way to comment.
    Two options:
    1. Reads: "BlackBerry is dead!" "OS is garbage" "People still use these" "Bankruptcy" "Lame"
    2. Reads: "I love my Z10!" "OS is so fast" "Best keyboard ever" "BlackBerry is back!"

    A lot of people are turned away from BlackBerry because of false information they read on these sites. I talk to people all the time and I still get the, "I was told BlackBerry went under".

    Any little bit can help.
    02-19-14 03:01 PM
  4. DenverRalphy's Avatar
    If you really want to engender or endear people to BB, then you should probably tone down your comments that I've seen on some of those sites. Words like "moron", "i*iot", "troll", etc.. aren't really conducive to a "Positive promotion".
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    02-19-14 03:41 PM
  5. brian4591's Avatar
    If you really want to engender or endear people to BB, then you should probably tone down your comments that I've seen on some of those sites. Words like "moron", "i*iot", "troll", etc.. aren't really conducive to a "Positive promotion".
    I guess I could make my posts a little more "PG". I get a little riled up over the ones that are blatantly trolling.

    To quote myself from Android Central that Denver brought up,
    "Do some research so you don't look like such an ***** and troll."
    "Well there is more than one moron on here spewing the same crap. I'll bring up the logical questions to test your knowledge on what your guys are actually talking about."
    Not the worst thing I have written, LOL. But I guess I can tone it down a little.

    Main focus is to bring to light the false and trolling comments of others. @Denver What do you think of the comments on Android Central?
    02-19-14 04:09 PM
  6. DenverRalphy's Avatar
    @Denver What do you think of the comments on Android Central?
    I simply just don't really care. You see the same type of comments about iOS/Android devices in the CB articles. Every site has it's share of misinformation and hyperbole in their comments.
    02-19-14 04:14 PM
  7. Bdot-1's Avatar
    If you use a Blackberry what do you care? You shouldn't get so heated, life is short and it's only an OS. Sometimes the least says the most.

    Posted by a leaky CB10.1
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    02-23-14 06:16 PM
  8. brian4591's Avatar
    I'll admit, I get upset when people bash BlackBerry with lies. I like to bring the truth of the brand I use to others. BlackBerry has so much false reports, comments, and articles. I am willing to bring truth and knowledge to those that don't know. Protecting a brand I enjoy is something I feel good about.

    I surprise people all the time with the truth about my phone and what is happening with the company. Some people think that BlackBerry is dead. In my opinion it is not.

    Posted via CB10
    02-23-14 08:40 PM
  9. sixpacker's Avatar
    Keep the thread as dull and boring as possible else the moderator will close it.

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    02-24-14 01:51 AM
  10. miguel89to's Avatar
    I actually helped a little from the obvious bashing coming from others when t mobile CEO was tweeting about blackberry.

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    02-24-14 09:14 AM

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