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    Hey, so I am helping BlackBerry get the word out these last few weeks. I have partnered with a few organizations on my campus so that BlackBerry can keep its college markets!!! We have a couple of YouTube links that talk about the new bold and we get credit for every click - Check these out and check our website out www.TeamBlackBerrySMU.com.

    The first is about the new Bold, it's brilliantly filmed... If you are considering a new berry I'd consider the new BOLD 9930. I love mine. It's such a step up from the 9700!

    BlackBerry's Channel - YouTube

    The other is about the new BBM, which is available to everyone who has OS6 or higher. Let's make a BBM generation!

    BlackBerry - BBM Generation

    I know you are all obsessed with your BlackBerry, so please help BlackBerry stay appealing to the college market!
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    09-23-11 03:25 AM
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    BBM 6 is available on 5.0 devices as well...
    09-23-11 11:24 AM