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    I recently upgraded to a Blackberry Bold and when I registered my personal AOL account I was automatically assigned an ugly AOL icon on my home screen. Opposed to the factory envelope symbol with the web globe icon that my coperate email has. Is there any way to get rid of the ugly AOL icon and get the normal on for my AOL email??? any help is greatly appreciated
    12-05-08 02:25 AM
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    I'm afraid not but you could hide that icon and access your AOL email from the messages folder if you wish.

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    12-05-08 03:56 AM
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    Just a thought...

    The icon is in the path shown in the img below... Maybe you can replace that .png with the icon you want? I'm not at a pc so can't try myself.

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    12-05-08 04:40 AM
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    i guess one person's dislike is another persons like because I think that icon looks awesome haha
    12-05-08 06:06 AM