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    I'm having a problem getting my service book set to my blackberry.

    The story..

    I purchased a used phone from a previous Alltel customer. I currently have a blackberry pearl and data services, and switched over to the Curve last night. (Curve is used phone). I was able to get the phone to work as a phone, but as far as getting anything else to work, Alltel is having problems. The phone isn't receivnig the information to get the service books so that I can use it for email, internet, etc.

    I already did the wipe clean of the phone. Then did a reset battery removal with a 10 minute wait to turn on. Didn't work.

    Next I did the host routing, sent the message, but I never received anything in return so that didn't work. Did the reset wait 10 on that also. Still nothing.

    I went to my blackberry account on alltel, hit the send service books, never came.

    Here's a few things I noticed on the phone:

    1. It is showing the old users number as line 1. Though I dont have the option to dial on line 1, it's still showing it there. Mine shows up as line 2 and is the one that the phone dials out on.

    2. After wipe clean, the first time I tried to make a call it asked me about default area code to use and showed 912 (previous owners area code). I changed to 919 though, but still was weird it would even ask me about the default area code?

    3. Alltel keeps telling me the phone is from another carrier. The box says Alltel, the phone itself says alltel, the default wallpaper says alltel and also when wiped I get a message saying "Welcome to alltel". Soooo, they're either incredibly stupid or I'm missing something here.

    Alltel (technically verizon) can't figure out why I can't get the service books. Any suggestions?

    09-29-09 04:32 PM
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    Sounds like ur phone is garbage. Go back to the sorry Pearl that I told you not to buy in the first place.
    09-29-09 05:14 PM
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    Did the PIN get released by the previous owner?
    09-29-09 05:30 PM
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    i had the exact same problem last night with the exact same phones. i ended up going to the verizon wireless website where i found a link for upgrading your phone. basically, i entered in the "new" phones esn and then dialed *228 option 1 from the curve. afterwards i logged in to the bis website from the phone itself and it immediately recognized a new device associated my account and it pushed service books as well as all my email accounts to it no problems. i think the link was located under my account under the support section. good luck.

    here is the link.

    Activate Your Phone

    go here and enter the esn number of your curve making sure that your pearl is shut off then wait about 1 minute and call *228 option 1 from your curve. its what i did and it worked. i had an alltel pearl now used as a verizon customer and then changed to an alltel curve so sounds the same for you. good luck.
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