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    This morning I put out a status update on my blackberry. I have close to 160 contacts that I have collected over the years.

    I put my status update to something silly, all of a sudden chats start opening with people. My actual status sent to people like if it was a message. Luckily it only sent to about twenty people. Although it was still a hassle to explain to them it was my status update and not a message to them.

    The other strange thing was it was in a 'chat'. Like they could 'leave' if they pleased! I really would like help to make sure this never happens again!

    Much Thanks!


    Oh yes according so some of my contacts they were just added to a 'chat' and there was no status update. Some of my other contacts got a status update with the chat. Talk about confusing.
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    Must be a broadcast I can tell u more. Just PM me

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