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    Hello everyone,

    I searched this forum and the internet and learned a lot already about what I am going to ask. However, a few things are still unclear to me:

    I am a T-Mobile USA customer. I just ordered a BB 8120 from German carrier E-Plus. Their phones are not locked in any way and I've been using them for years to buy phones that are not easily available in the U.S.

    Will I be able to register this brandnew BB on T-Mobile even though I bought it elsewhere? I signed up for the 19.99 BIS unlimited add on. However, after some research, I am concerned that the IMEI and PIN may already be connected to the German carriers database just because that is where RIM delivered it to. Again, the BB is brandnew and was never regegistered with any plan. So I assume that I can just enter the IMEI and PIN on the T-Mobile webpage (once I receive the BB and set it to the right APN etc) and they should activate the BIS service and send the "service book" to the phone (or so).

    Any ideas?
    02-11-08 12:58 PM
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    I cannot see it being a problem as people buy phones abroad all the time and use them in their home countries upon return.

    E bay sellers posts their BB's anywhere in the world for example.

    Obviously if it is a GSM/EDGE/GPRS phone then you must sign up to a carrier that does that network.

    The IMEI & PIN numbers are used to set up BIS/BES accounts and the carrier doesn't matter (to the best of my knowledge)

    You will not need to touch the APN settings unless you require them for 3rd party applications.
    02-11-08 01:49 PM
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    Thanks. That has been my experience in the past. The BB as a phone will certainly work. I amsure I will also have web services with the T-Mobile BB plan functioning as a normal unlimited internet plan. The big question is if I will be able to register for the BIS email service since the BB was bought from a different provider (Eplus) but never registered.

    I heard that such problems occured with T-mobile BBs even when they are unlocked. Not sure if that is correct. Bottom line: there must be a way to make this work. I legitimately bought a brandnew Blackberry, it's unlocked and the other provider has no issues with their phones being used on other plans, I am paying for the BIS service with T-Mobile and have been a long-time customer with both plans. So I would expect that people would work with me if there was any technical problem. But then, you never know...
    02-11-08 02:06 PM
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    You will have a warranty with your new bb which covers you should you need a replacement and as a paying customer to t mobile I would imagine that they are duty bound to give you technical advice regardless of where you got the bb from.

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    02-12-08 04:58 AM